You’re registered for the How to Write a Book webinar!

Here’s what to do next.

I’m so excited that you’re coming to the workshop!

Here are 3 things you need to do RIGHT NOW to prepare:


1. Check your email.

You have to verify that you want to get updates from me about the workshop, so go click on that link. That will also take you to download your workbook for the webinar.


2. Reply to the email I sent you.

Let me know what’s your name, where you’re going to join us from, what book you’re writing, and what obstacles you are feeling in completing that book.


3. Set an alarm in your phone to join live.

Joining live allows you to interact with your fellow participants, ask me questions directly, and get the most from the webinar.

So set an alarm for February 23 at 4:45m Pacific Time and join us live!



Lauren Marie Fleming headshot with book