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Jumpstart Your Writing Routine in Just 10 Minutes a Day for 10 Days

Yes, even someone as busy as you can find time to write!

All it takes is 10 minutes a day.

I see you over there, go-getter who sits down and tries to write a whole novel in a weekend. Or dreamer who longs to escape to a cabin in the woods to finally finish your memoir.

I see you, because I’ve been you. I thought my writerly dreams were only attainable if I completely cleared my schedule and had no other obligations.

But I’ll tell you the truth – I’ve been to that secluded cabin in the woods and I still didn’t write.

Because it’s not the amount of time we have in our schedule for writing that matters, it’s how we use it. 

Lauren wearing a striped rainbow sweater scrunching up her shoulders in an "I don't know" gesture

Your schedule is never going to clear itself.

Lauren wearing a striped rainbow sweater scrunching up her shoulders in an "I don't know" gesture

You must consciously create the physical and mental space to write.

 I don’t have a magic wand to wave over your life and make all your work complete and your house clean, but I do have a proven system to help anyone start writing NOW.

This is the system I use with my coaching clients and in my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ program. It’s the blueprint that’s helped School for Writers have a 90% success rate on our programs!

If my clients – working moms, busy entrepreneurs, overworked activists – can find time to write, so can you!

All it takes is 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

Enroll in the Write More Challenge

Jumpstart your writing routine in only 10 minutes a day for 10 days.

How it works

The Write More Challenge™ is a 10 day course complete with videos, workbook, email to keep you accountable, and, of course, loads of fun bonuses if you do the work!

Step One: Sign up.

The first you you gotta do is enroll! You can do that here.

Step Two: Show up.

Over the next 12 days (10 days + bonuses!), you’re going to get emails from me with action items for you to do. These range from clearing physical space to write in your home to understanding why you even want to write in the first place

Each day’s task takes 10 minutes or less to do.

And to help motivate you, all of the course material expires in 30 days – so you have no choice but to do the work now! No more procrastinating on writing.

It’s that easy to start writing daily!

The Write More Challenge™ is simple, fun, and totally doable no matter what your schedule.

A bit about your coach

Lauren Marie Fleming is a writer and coach helping people discover their story and tell it to the world. 

Her company, School for Writers, helps aspiring authors write their books in a way that harnesses the transformational power of storytelling.

In her twenty years as a professional writer, Lauren has written multiple books, been featured in prominent publications including VICE and the Huffington Post, and spoken at prestigious conferences and colleges including Yale and BlogHer.

For over three decades, Lauren has coached writers and speakers to tell heartfelt tales in the most impactful and entertaining way possible. 

Lauren has worked with some of the world’s most distinguished presenters and authors, including two years directly supporting Tony Robbins.

When not writing, coaching or traveling the world, Lauren can be found walking her dog on the beach in San Diego listening to a good audiobook.