It is time to thrive as a writer

Welcome to the ultimate writing group.

One that supports you not only in sitting your butt down in that chair to write, but also cheers you on as you gather an audience, build a brand, and make money as a writer.

I have spent two decades searching for a place I could go to learn both the craft and career parts of writing. Somewhere I could gather with likeminded, progressive, kinda weird folks like me to support each other along our journey to building thriving writing careers.

I never found it. So instead I created it.

The School for Writers Academy is a one stop shop for all your writing career needs and your ultimate writing support group.

You get support on Craft (so you can be a better writer), Career (so you can live in abundance), and Creativity (so you can tap into your playful, innovative, soulful self).


3 Pillars of Support



Practice the techniques to hone your skill as a writer, enabling you to tell your story better and in more impactful ways.



Learn the tips and tools you need to grow an audience, build a brand, and make a thriving wage as a writer.



Create the space and time you need to write, play, rest, explore, laugh, dance, and imbue creativity into your daily life.

Become a Founding Member

The Academy is brand spanking new!

Which means not only do you get to tell all your hipster friends that you were in the Academy before being in the Academy was cool, but it also means that you get to help shape the material I create for you.

By joining as a Founding Member, you get to tap deeply into my THREE DECADES of coaching storytellers and writers, and directly ask me for advice, lessons, and support catered to your specific needs as a writer.

Plus, you get Founding Member cred, aka locked in Founding Member rate and discounts and priorities on retreats and coaching. I created the Academy as something you can stay in for years, a membership that will grow with you, so this Founding Member discount could legitimately save you thousands!


Set up for your success

Here’s what you get when you join now!

  • Special Founding Member Pricing (could save you thousands during the lifetime of your membership!)
  • Easy-to-understand (and implement!), step-by-step instructions on how to build a thriving writing career, complete with templates, how-tos, and tutorials created just for you, 
  • Legitimate, proven, tried-and-true techniques for carving time out to write AND build a business/brand for yourself as a writer,
  • Cheat sheets for social media posts, email newletters, and websites so you can promote yourself in was that feel easy (and not sleezy), 
  • Fully loaded classroom with core courses PLUS a new workshop every month, 
  • Monthly group coaching and Q&As with Lauren and other experts, 
  • Camaraderie, accountability, and support in our private Facebook group AND weekly writing sprints,
  • First dibs and discount prices on retreats, coaching, and more,
  • Built-in time off to read, rest, play, reflect, and be creative!
  • PLUS … 5 Bonus Courses: Consider these three go-to courses your wingmen to help you get your book written and published. Here’s what’s included: Write More Challenge™, How to Plot a Book, Developing Unforgettable Characters, How to Write a Query Letter, How to Get a Literary Agent. (Valued at $3,000+)

Most importantly, you get to be a part of a movement, one that says we will no longer starve as writers! We demand abundance! We deserve to thrive!

Save $ + Get Bonuses for Joining Now

The Structured Support of Private Coaching with Group Camaraderie Added In

I charge my private coaching clients $3333 a month to get this kind of structured support from me and my team – and I have pages of testimonials saying that the value they gained from working with me is quadruple their investment.

While I love working with my high impact clients, I wanted to create something accessible for people starting out,which is why I’ve priced the Academy at $222 a month. 

However, if you join now, you can lock in the Founding Member price of $175 a month for as long as you’re in the Academy.

Plus, you get to be a part of live content creation workshops, getting to ask your questions in real time and work directly with me.


Because the world needs your story.