Feeling overwhelmed by social media? You’re not alone!
Here at the School For Writers podcast, we know how stressful it can be. Choosing between reels, stories, carousels, or trying to post them all every single day is just daunting. However, creating an effective strategy and understanding the why behind your posting schedule can lead to amazing results without having to spend hours on your phone.

Today’s episode is SO GOOD!
Lauren interviews Digital Marketer and Social Strategist, Kia Young.
Pay close attention to this conversation because Kia drops a generous amount of informational and educational bombs worth putting into practice.
She talks about strategic tips and tools for writers using social media and why you need to first understand the platforms in order to figure out where you can make the most impact.
Kia is sure you don’t need to be everywhere. You just need to know where to be! Check out the entire conversation to learn more about how to use social media without it using you, how to set an end goal before you start posting, the difference between ideal client vs target audience, how to thrive on social media as an introvert, etc.

Connect with Kia:
Website – www.kiayoung.com
Instagram – @kiaknowssocial
Twitter – @kiaknowssocial
Facebook – @kiaknowssocial
LinkedIn – @kiaknowssocial

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
-Check out Kia’s trainings & resources at kiayoung.com/resources
-Make marketing yourself as a writer easy, go to schoolforwriters.com/mailinglists to learn how.
Big Magic: How to Live a Creative Life, and Let Go of Your Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Book recommendation of the week:
Hyperbole and a Half: Unfortunate Situations, Flawed Coping Mechanisms, Mayhem, and Other Things That Happened by Allie Brosh

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About Kia Young:

Kia Young is a Digital Marketing & Social Strategist, Community Builder, & No-nonsense Advocate. She’s a newly-minted Marylander (originally from Tennessee) and tends to exactly three children; Brielle (18), Ryan (14), and Reid (8) and one perfect Goldendoodle named Loki James.

She spends her days helping service-based superstars show up online with intention and helping them to focus on #WhatMattersMost — not just in marketing, but in their entire business and life, too.

Her mission: to help women – who REALLY are worth the hype – find the validation, ease, and freedom that they deserve through their business.

It all boils down to timeless digital marketing and communications strategies!