Can a cluttered space negatively affect your writing?
The relationship between messiness and creativity is more correlated than you think!
Untidy, cluttered environments can create stress, trigger unwanted emotions, limit your brain’s ability to process information, and even lead to procrastination.
On the other hand, cleared spaces can improve your creativity, make it easier to produce more ideas and content, and help you be more productive.

Today, Lauren brings minimalist and organization expert Jen Rao.
They talk about everything from the benefits of decluttering your home to how to organize your creative space, how to deal and set boundaries with hoarders, the steps you can take towards becoming more organized, how to create a system that works for you, and much more.
Don’t miss this episode, it’s a good one!

Things you will learn in this episode:
-How to become a more organized person.
-How to carve out a physical space that works for you.
-Tiny decluttering steps you can take today.
-How an organized space can boost productivity.
-Why decluttering creates space for more creativity.

About Jen:

Jen is a minimalist home organizer who specializes in clutter clearing (and its magical benefits!) She helps her clients create peace in their lives by clearing their minds, home & spirit. In 2017, she downsized her life and now lives in a renovated fifth wheel RV. After traveling full-time for two years, she settled in Squamish BC where she continues to share her fresh, approachable take on clearing space to live with intention. You can find her work at and connect with her on Instagram.

Connect with Jen:

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

-Check out The Clear Your Life Method and learn the 4 steps to clear clutter & transform any space in an hour or less.

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