Stop procrastinating. Start creating.

Got a creative project you’ve been putting off for far too long?
Do The Damn Thing is an 8 week intensive coaching program to help you get that shit done without burning out.

Now a part of WYFBA!

Do The Damn Thing! is now included in our Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ lifetime membership.

There is a beauty in simplicity. None of us need a complicated mismatch of a million disconnected workshops and programs. Which is why the School for Writers team has taken all of our offerings (except VIP coaching) and put them into one container: our Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ membership program. If you’d like access to Do The Damn Thing! along with dozens of other courses, weekly accountability, and group coaching, join us over in WYFBA.

Because the world needs your story now more than ever.

Two queer people talk in a bookstore in front of a shelf of books. One on the right has a shaved head that's died yellow and a fun lime green shirt on. The other on the right is wearing a floral pattern jacket with a book in her hand. Both are talking to each other.

This exclusive mastermind is for you if: 

 • You’ve got a creative project you’ve been putting off for too long – and you want support finishing it in a way that keeps your life and sanity intact.

• You’re ready to dive right in – this project has been waiting long enough, you’re past overthinking and second-guessing, it’s time to jump in and see if this idea can float.

• You’ve worked with me before. This includes attending one of my workshops or webinars, taking one of my courses, or being a member of my Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ program. Exceptions made for people who have been in community with me for awhile and know my work intimately. We don’t waste time on intros here, so you must come into this program familiar with my practices, philosophies and mode of existing in the world.

• You understand that doing the damn thing includes time off for rest and rejuvenation – we’re here to support creativity, not toxic productivity culture, so you must be willing to understand and trust that sometimes the thing you need to do to get your project finished is take a nap.

• You’re not an asshole – we’re a group of kind, supportive, and open humans and we expect you to be as well. We’re also unabashedly queer, anti-racist, pro-choice, and liberal AF. So if you love being argumentative and are constantly “playing devil’s advocate” then this mastermind isn’t for you.

Accountability. Camaraderie. Coaching. Do the Damn Thing™ is everything you need and nothing you don’t.

What you get.

 During our 8 weeks together, you will:

• Choose one creative idea/project to work on –  something that would light you up and bring you joy to finally finish.

• Define why this project matters to you –  connecting your project to a deeper purpose will help you stop procrastinating and finish it.

• Identify when you are most creative and be held accountable to working during those times – with group coaching and direct check-ins to help you stop scrolling on social media and do the damn thing.

• Notice when you need a break and be held accountable to resting during those times – procrastination is most often exhaustion, so we’re here to make sure you take the time you need to rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind.

• Put into practice a sustainable creative ritual that will last long after the program –  understand the important role creativity plays in your life and business and build routines and habits that will support you for the long run.

Plus,  make friends with fellow creative badasses who are all dedicated to getting shit done in a way that honors our humanity and respects rest.

This intensive mastermind is all about putting ideas into practice and doing the work – and yes, sometimes the work looks like taking a nap.

What you give.

This program is an intimate mastermind for creative entrepreneurs who are dedicated to showing up to do the work.

During our 8 weeks together, you must:

Show up fully – block out distractions, do the work, ask questions. 

• Show up flawed – be authentic and have compassion for all of your parts.

• Show up for others – participate in the chat, respect each other’s creativity and humanity.

This program is called Do The Damn Thing™ for a reason. We expect you to show up, be an active participant in your own creative growth, and support your fellow participants on their journey.

Two queer people talk in a bookstore in front of a shelf of books. One on the right has a shaved head that's died yellow and a fun lime green shirt on. The other on the right is wearing a floral pattern jacket with a book in her hand. Both are talking to each other.

It’s time to Do The Damn Thing™

from May 18 – July 6, 2022

Enroll today and get:

• 8 weekly group coaching calls centered around helping you uncover what’s holding you back while making you accountable to pushing through and doing the damn thing  –  $4000 value.

• Accountability check-ins to make sure you’re doing the damn thing when you say you are, which includes resting when you need to refill your creative bucket  –  $3000 value.

• Exclusive Voxer or What’sApp group to get in the moment support while working on your creative projects during the program –  $1000 value.

• Sustainable Creativity workshop to teach you the foundations of how to build a long-lasting career and life as a creative being –  $200 value.

• Do the Damn Thing™ workbook to delve even deeper into the principles taught in Sustainable Creativity –  $500 value.

• Bonus video vault to provide access to courses and material to help you with your creative project –  $500 value.


Questions and Important Details

Do I have to know what creative project I want to work on? What if I have a long list of things I want to accomplish?

The only thing you need to come with is a desire to be more creative in your life. Our first coaching call together will help you choose the project that would feel the most freeing and exciting to finish. It’s great if you have an idea, but often times even that changes after that call. 

It’s helpful if you come in with an idea or two, but often times what you think you *should* work on is not what you actually *need* to do. So come with an open mind and the desire to get shit done in a way that honors your humanity and creativity, and you’re golden.

How much of my time will this take?

This program was created to help you get shit done, not add more to your plate, so the actual coursework is minimal. The only time commitment you need to make is one hour a week for the group coaching calls.

However, you will have to dedicate yourself time to both work on your project and rest. That will vary per project, but I would say at least a few hours a week.

When are the group coaching calls? Do I have to make all of them to participate?

The group coaching calls are every Wednesday from 10:00 – 10:45 am*. Followed by an optional silent coworking session from 11 am – noon.

We start May 18 and end July 6.

While you will get the most out of the program if you come to the calls, you do not have to attend them all. There will be recordings for you to watch later.

You do, however, have to participate in the group chats to hold yourself and others accountable for the full 8 weeks.

*That’s 11 am Mountain / Noon Central / 1 pm Eastern / 6 pm British

Do you offer refunds?

Because you get instant access to the course material and the workshop link, and because we want you to show up and be held accountable to making time for creativity in your life, we do not offer refunds of any kind.

Will you help me make money off my project?

This program is about creating space and accountability to finish a project in your life or business. Getting a project done is the first step in monetizing it!

Additionally, freeing up your mental space and calendar capacity opens you up to working on money generating activities.

However, the focus is on making time for creativity, taking rest when you need it, and building a sustainable routine for getting projects done in your life, so we won’t focus on selling. To preserve the integrity of the program, we also do not allow you to come in and market or sell your products to participants.

Do you offer scholarships?

The value of Do The Damn Thing is above and beyond the price you pay to join. Lauren’s VIP private clients pay $30,000 for six-months of coaching to work through the systems you’ll learn in this program.

We know that $30,000 is not affordable for most people, so Lauren created this group mastermind to teach these powerful skills to those who are still growing their creative careers and business assets.

While this current price is a GREAT deal for this high-end program, we’ve been broke artists before and understand that many creatives lack access to resources, especially those who come from historically marginalized and systemically oppressed communities.

Which is why we offer 10% of spots in all our programs to people from underserved and under-resourced communities who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

On top of that 10% of spots saved for people who would otherwise not be able to afford the program, we offer free spots to refugees, people seeking asylum, people experiencing homelessness, anyone on permanent disability, or members of any indigenous tribe, including the Kumeyaay, who are the original inhabitants of the stolen land on which School for Writers operates.

If you are interested in a scholarship, please email us at at with “Scholarship for Do the Damn Thing!” in the subject line.

What’s your success rate?

Lauren has a 99% success rate with her coaching clients and an 85% success rate in her programs. Which means this stuff works!

Two queer people talk in a bookstore in front of a shelf of books. One on the right has a shaved head that's died yellow and a fun lime green shirt on. The other on the right is wearing a floral pattern jacket with a book in her hand. Both are talking to each other.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Lauren! I know what it’s like to long for creativity.

I’ve wanted to be some kind of artist since I was a kid – from filmmaker to actor to writer. As a queer, fat, neurodiverse teenager and young adult, art was often the only way I could express my deep thoughts and feelings.

 My whole life people have told me that the arts are not a valid use of my time or energy. Defying the odds, I built a successful career as a writer, running a critically-acclaimed queer sex blog, writing columns for major publications, and speaking at prestigious conferences and colleges.

Then my brother got cancer, halting my whole life and career.

After my brother died, all I wanted to do was to make art, but I didn’t know how to find the time, energy, or money to do it.

Lauren sits in a chair with her legs crossed, a book open on her lap. She is wearing a white shirt and black pants, and big blue glasses. There are books in the background and a piano in the foreground

For years, I tried to hustle my way back to the top, focusing on social media stats and vanity metrics. I coached award-winning filmmakers, best-selling authors, and world-renowned speakers in the art of connecting with audiences through storytelling – including two years directly supporting Tony Robbins on his content and coaching the speakers on his stage.

Until one day I woke up and realized I had created a career as a writer without ever making time to write. In the process of helping tens of thousands of other people tell their stories, I had silenced my own.

I created the techniques you’ll learn in this workshop out of my own necessity, because I needed art in my life to process my emotions, explore my thoughts, and make my dreams a reality.

In the two years since I first started teaching these techniques, I’ve helped dozens of private VIP coaching clients build long-lasting, transformative, legacy-leaving creative careers and lives.

I’m excited to be able to teach these techniques to you in this new affordable and accessible mastermind format.

Because creativity matters.

Lauren sits in a chair with her legs crossed, a book open on her lap. She is wearing a white shirt and black pants, and big blue glasses. There are books in the background and a piano in the foreground

I’ve been featured in, written for, and worked with:

Two women stand on a massive stage, holding hands, one is Lauren and the other Siri Lindley

Lauren is one of the brilliant maestros. She knows how to direct you to your most powerful story. How to lead you to bringing out the magic in every aspect of your work. I am so grateful for Lauren’s support and guidance … She helped to beautifully weave things together to have the most profound impact. Lauren is incredible at truly stretching us to reach that higher level of performance. Thank you Lauren, so grateful for your guidance.

Siri Lindley

World-Champion Triathlete, Coach and Speaker, author of Surfacing: Winning Big and Living Fearlessly

Lauren is a master in helping you feel comfortable and confident telling your story. With patience and kindness she listened to me talk and then helped me draw out the most impactful and powerful parts of my story.

In everything she does, you can feel Lauren’s passion and love for helping people tell their stories, especially people who are often silenced in our world.  I’m so glad I met Lauren and so grateful that she is my story coach and friend.

Alejandro Chabán

Actor, Telenovela Star, Television Host, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Founder & CEO of Yes You Can!™

I’ve had the honor of working alongside Lauren creating different speeches for various topics around the world. One of her super powers is being able to bring out the creative genius in others so that they can express themselves to their fullest!

Nick Santonastasso

Motivational speaker and bodybuilder, author of Victim to Victor: How to Overcome the Victim Mentality to Live the Life You Love

Spend time with, listen to, or read the words of Lauren Marie Fleming and she’ll do one thing – serve you the permission you’ve been looking for on a decadent golden platter. Her work allows all of us to be unapologetically ourselves, no matter what size, shape, color or flavor we come in. The world needs more Lauren Marie Fleming.

Steph Jagger

Coach and author of Unbound: A Story of Snow and Self-Discovery

Lauren is one of the most beautifully sincere people I have ever had the gift of meeting. Her experience runs deep, her perseverance is inspiring. Whether dancing in the sunshine or weathering the storm of life, she is a friend and a mentor – her words are music to my soul. 

She ignites a tiny spark inside me to fan the flames into the seldom reached corners of my mind rife with insecurity and doubt, making my uncertainties vanish as my self confidence reemerges and I begin to realize my individual potential and accept myself as I am. I am grateful to her!

jessica drake (she/her)

AVN award-winning actress, activist, and creator of the jessica drake's Guide to Wicked Sex series

I’ve gained so much from my coaching sessions with Lauren. She has helped me move from feeling stuck to finding a way forward by offering a wealth of knowledge, actionable steps, and encouragement. Her thoughtful yet direct feedback is refreshing and it has made a world of difference in my life!

Liz McVoy

Multimedia Storyteller

I was fortunate enough to participate in coaching sessions with Lauren. Her advice and insight are invaluable. I cannot recommend her enough. If you need direction, an action plan, or encouragement—look no further!

Nancy Bischoff

Coaching with Lauren gives me the same feeling I get after spending a weekend with my best friend, building one another up with unconditional love. In just half an hour, I can go from feeling worthless to feeling like I can take on the world.

Jenny Kindschy

Empathic and unwavering, with her trademark wisdom, wit and winsome personality, Lauren’s philosophy and tools for healing self-hatred shepherds us into a new mental paradigm.

Elle Chase

Author of Curvy Girl Sex: 101 Body-Positive Positions to Empower Your Sex Life