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Hello and welcome to School for Writers! Founded by renowned writer and story coach, Lauren Marie Fleming, our mission is to help diversify the stories we tell personally and communally.

That starts with helping you Write Your Friggin’ Book Already®.

But before you can write your story, you need to make time for writing in your life.

Your first step is to download the Making Time for Writing in Your Busy Life workbook.

After you’ve downloaded that workbook, check out the other ways we can support you below.


our flagship membership program

Get coaching, courses, and camaraderie all in one place.

Everything you need to write your story.

  • A step-by-step proven roadmap to go from idea to published book.
  • Courses to help you along each step of the book writing process.
  • Mentors and coaches with decades of experience there to help you when you’re stuck.
  • A community of fellow writers on the journey with you to cheer you on and hold you accountable to doing the work.
  • Build in breaks so you don’t burn out.

Come join us and see why we have a 95% satisfaction rate.


Think you’re too busy to write? Think again.

In my three decades of writing and story coaching, I’ve discovered the keys to making time in your life for writing.

These three simple yet powerful tools have helped thousands of busy people make room in their lives for writing.

And I’ve put them in this free workbook for you!

Interested in journaling but don’t know where to start?

Journaling is a powerful way to overcome overwhelm, process your feelings, and thrive no matter what life throws your way.

Pulled from a lifetime of journaling and three decades of story coaching, these 3 techniques are proven to support you in all aspects of life.

You don’t need a fancy notebook, a large amount of time, or expert writing techniques to get the benefits of journaling. You just need 15 minutes and this guide.


Live a life full of writing, creativity, and rest.

Sustaining Your Creativity is the premier online workshop to help you build a writing routine that banishes shame, embraces rest, and makes you feel more alive.

Learn the exact formula that’s helped hundreds of busy entrepreneurs, overworked parents, and tapped out creatives creating regular writing rituals — without sacrificing their relationships, health, or joy.

Transform your life through journaling.

Life is a roller coaster and journaling is your safety belt, helping keep you calm and grounded throughout the ride.

This workshop will teach you to harness the power of journaling to overcome overwhelm, work through indecision, and process anything life hands you.