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In today’s episode, Lauren interviews devotee of rest, Octavia Raheem. 
Octavia is a yoga teacher, book author, wife, and mom. 
During this beautifully inspiring interview, they talk about Octavia’s relationship with reading and writing. They also dive deep into how resting and writing are interconnected and how pausing and taking time to reflect is the foundation of everything you should do as a creative.
If you struggle with taking time off, then take this episode as your permission to rest and relax. A time for you to go within and realize there are always possibilities in pausing.

At School For Writers, we believe in honoring the natural pause and cycle of everything in life. We have worked hard to bring you the best this season and we’re excited to bring you more valuable and inspiring content in September after some well-deserved rest!

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Website – www.octaviaraheem.com
Instagram – @octaviaraheem
Facebook – @octaviaraheem

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Book recommendation of the week:
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston.

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About Octavia Raheem:

Octavia Raheem is a mother, author of self-published book Gather, upcoming book Pause, Rest, Be (Shambhala Press/ Penguin Random House), yoga teacher, and founder of Starshine & Clay Online Yoga and Meditation Studio for Black Women and Women of Color. Octavia is a deep listener and a truth-teller. She is a gatherer and space holder for rest and awakening. As a teacher and leader, she has the skill of hearing beneath the surface for what isn’t being said, yet needs to. She guides us toward resonance and connection even when the truths we witness, hear, and encounter vary from our own.

Octavia has more than 15 years of experience and nearly 10,000 hours of leading classes, immersions, and trainings.
Octavia co-founded Sacred Chill West Yoga and Meditation studio in Atlanta, Georgia. Sacred Chill West was not only a yoga studio, it was a community center that brought people together from all over our nation to practice, learn, rest, and grow.

As a writer, Octavia has a distinctive voice. One that is wise, otherworldly, and also familiar. Her teaching is grounded in her roots and real-life experience as a Southern Black American Woman learning to love herself as well as center her wellbeing and transformation via yoga, rest, meditation, and Yoga Nidra.
Her teachings and writing are glowing fire that everyone can gather around.