In previous episodes, we’ve discussed the many parts and routes a writing career can include and take.
We’ve talked about writing groups, different ways to make money as a writer, traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, and many other topics to help you thrive in your writing career.
Today’s episode covers a lot of these topics! Think of it as an all-in-one conversation where Lauren interviews book coach and developmental editor, Suzy Vitello.
Suzy not only found a way to legitimize her dreams through writing but also followed her passion for the written word and built a successful career and business around it.

Join Lauren and Suzy in episode 37, to learn how this seasoned writer has harnessed the power of writing groups and pushed through years of rejection before getting her book out into the world. Also, listen to Suzy’s advice on niching down as a writer, how she started her developmental editing business, how to create an inner circle full of writers willing to support and keep showing up for each other, and lastly find out all about her book, Faultland.

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Website –
Instagram – @suzyvitello
Twitter – @suzy_vitello
Facebook – Suzy Vitello Books

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Ooligan and book publishing at PSU
Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta.
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Book recommendation of the week:
The Culture Code by Daniel Coyle

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About Suzy:

Suzy Vitello’s award-winning short pieces have appeared in The Rumpus, The Southampton Review, Mississippi Review, Plazm, Tarpaulin Sky, various anthologies and other literary journals. She has been a prize winner in The Atlantic Monthly Student Fiction Contest, and has been a recipient of an Oregon Literary Arts grant.

She holds an MFA from Antioch, Los Angeles, and is a long-time coordinator and participant of an infamous writer’s workshop in Portland, whose members have included Cheryl Strayed, Chuck Palahniuk, Lidia Yuknavitch, Chelsea Cain, Monica Drake, Mary Wysong-Haeri among others, and she works as a book coach and editor through her company

Her debut speculative dystopian novel, FAULTLAND, is out from Ooligan Press as of March 30, 2021, and is already getting buzz—it’s a Powell’s Pick of the Month, and has garnered blurbs from award-winning writers like Rob Hart, Monica Drake and Lidia Yuknavitch. Here are a couple of reviews from Cultured Vultures and another from Necessary Fiction.


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