Today, Lauren is joined by money mindset and transformational coach, Erin Skye Kelly.
Erin teaches people how to transform their lives through their relationships to health, money, and each other through keynote speaking, online courses, her podcast Get The Hell Out Of Debt, and her nerd crew: Achievement Club!

In this episode, Lauren and Erin discuss what it means to shift your mind from thinking that you’re not worthy of making money to instead feeling like you deserve to financially thrive and to have a life and a career in a world that you like.

Erin also talks about the mindset needed to start building wealth as well as practical things we can do right now to start creating wealth as creatives, as writers, or as we’re building our writing careers.
She also gives great advice on what to do when you’re the only one in your life who’s interested in your money ideals, how to shift your lack mentality to achieve your goals, and much more!

If you’re dealing with debt, feeling unworthy of financial success, or looking for ways to build wealth, you need to listen until the end of this powerful episode!

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Instagram – @getthehelloutofdebt

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Ellevest: A financial company, for women by women.

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Trickster: Native American Tales, A Graphic Collection by Matt Dembicki

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