In today’s episode, Lauren is having a candid conversation with a few participants of her Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ program.
Mars, Jess, and Kate are these brave writers (yes, consummate writers! no longer aspiring ones) who decided it was time to make their voices heard, to believe in themselves, and start writing their books.

Throughout the conversation, you’ll hear them talk about their experience inside the program and writing group, their fears as first-time writers, how they have loved having Lauren as their guide in the writing process, their experience writing their first drafts, the amazing feedback they’ve gotten on their manuscripts from beta readers, and even what they plan to do with their books after the program is over.

Be prepared to walk away feeling inspired by all the incredible success stories of people who went from dream to reality, from idea to holding their book in their hands. And who knows! Maybe after this episode, you’ll be ready to join WYFBA!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:
Write Your Friggin’ Book Already™ program.

Book recommendation of the week:
Who Is Vera Kelly by Rosalie Knecht.

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